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This isn't a surprise at all, I know these kids, they are a bunch of jackasses that do this all the time. It was the first day at the track with the M (Button Willow), the same guys came in the 335, and what surprise he managed to get kicked off the track for driving like a tool. He also decided to give me shit since he was able stick on my ass the whole time and then pass me. Thanks for the post.

Um he didnt get kicked off the track lol! His front tire got fucked and he didn't wanna track cuz he had to make it back home... Btw he only gave u shit cuz u didn't want let a 335 pass you since it was pretty much taking a dump on ur face. Learn how to give point by's. Oh and it was his first time ever on a track.
Yeah, sounds like your buddy really knows how to drive. :
Um actually he some what did. At the track he did a 1:22 on button willow west loop. The m3 that would not let him pass was doing 1:24. Idk about u but 2 seconds seems to be a lot don't u think? especially on such a small track like the west loop