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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
you basically need a new bumper, a paint job, and some "additional supports" and bumper bracket repair behind the bumper.

You need to get a parts quote first to isolate whether it's the OEM parts that expensive or their labor that's expensive, or their paint job that's expensive.

They should be able to itemize it for you. Then i would get a second opinion. Feel free to scan and post the itemized estimate on this forum for us. Without the parts needed, it's hard to figure out what actually needs to be replaced...
Thanks for the response, I should have been clearer in my original post in that my focus is on the time required. The lady who hit me's insurance is going to pay (I assume)so I don't care about the cost. It just seems like a long time to fix a bumper even if it needs a "rear body panel" and I find it hard to believe that they can't find one in the US.