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Obamacare ain't gonna do you squat when you are laying on the floor in the county hospital er waiting room crying like a baby and pooping in your pants and you've been waiting for 8 to ten hours.

Obamacare wants to guarantee you the services. But in reality, at the moment of truth there has to be enough doctors nurses and techs to help you. There has to be enough hospitals in business a few years down the road. Obamacare increases healthcare demand but does not address the supply side of the equation.

Dude, If you are hospitalized or require an ambulance you will be on the hook for a ton. If you are seriously ill you will be screwed.

No hate here. Just reality. Just get a basic job that provides health insurance benefits.

You need a checkup. You don't want to have to poop into a plastic bag stuck on the side of your stomach for the rest of your life.