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Originally Posted by BKap08 View Post
On the safety Anthony Dixon(number 24) was being grabbed around the waist for a good 2-3 seconds.
Just pointing it out, but do you realize what would've happened if they called a hold? A safety. The same thing that happened anyway. I'm sure they were all told to hold the hell out of every SF rusher to try and kill as much clock as possible. Nothing dirty, just gamesmanship.

A good game overall, and definitely prefer seeing the refs let them play instead of having a flag-filled superbowl. Still quite a few who believe SF got 'beat' by the refs... but as expected, most fans only see what they want to see. Quite a few no-calls that went the other way that people seem to forget... Akers getting coughed on and falling to the ground to draw a penalty and erase the missed kick, Flacco got lit up late & out of bounds w/ no flag... it happens. But again, I'd rather see the flags stay off the field for the iffy stuff. And IMO, SF greatly benefited from the blackout. Baltimore returning that kick would've given them gobs of momentum had the lights stayed on and really could've blown it wide open. The blackout worked in the same way as when you see a basketball coach call a timeout when the other team goes on a huge run in an attempt to kill what they have going. Don't get me wrong, SF made a great comeback... but to truly credit them for all of it after conveniently happening after the delay is a bit of a stretch.