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Courtesy Between M3 Owners. What's up with all the hate?

I get the "hate" we get from others, but between BMW E9x M3 owners?

Back in the day, BMW owners used to flash each other and it was understood. It was rare to see other BMW owners.......

Today, I pull up beside another MW E92M3 in my Black E93M3 and give him a thumb up. He flips me off and takes off.....WTF?

Do we need to be like this to each other?

This is even evident between BMW owners that have older Model Year BMW's. They look at you like, "what? you think you're better than us non-M3 owners?" I get this all the time when filling up.....

Before you think that it's me, this was never a case when driving my other +15 non-M BMW's over the years.....