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Fender bender...$9k and 3 weeks?!?!?!?!

So I was sitting at a red light and some lady hit me at about 10mph, from the outside is looked like very little damage. Essentially the bumper was cracked in 2 places. I bring it to a top notch certified body shop and when they take the rear off discover a lot more damage (supposedly). They have to special order a "rear body panel" from Germany. Could they not have sourced this in the US? Even if I got it for them it would still take 3 weeks. Not to mention they had the car for a week before an adjuster even looked at it. They were practically yelling at me when I was on the phone with insurance. "Tell them it's undrivable!" Advice, please! I'm editing this post since the focus of my problem is not the work being done, but the TIME to get it done. They have taken the back end of the car apart so I don't think I can really do anything at this point, or can I?

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