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Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post
that would be crazy expensive number one.

second of all, a track spec m3 (if built) imo would benefit a ton more from things like

-weight reduction
-improved braking performance
-improved handling / stiffness in chassis

than it would from an n/a vs turbo motor. the gtr owns the track and is turbocharged. it owns the track because it outhandles the pants off most other cars on the track.
Considering the next gen M3 is supposedly getting those three things. A normally aspirated track focused option would be perfect. Other brands offer it, even in less expensive cars. They have a 4.4L V8 from the GTS ready to go.

Many who track their car would very much benefit from a NA version. Especially those that track their car long sessions on hot track days. I have dealt with FI, it can be a headache at times. I rather spend my track days doing laps, than taking cool down time in the paddock.