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SP33DRCR, what i am trying to say is if we were going to T2 together and I would start braking 50f before mark 3 and you would brake at mark 3 , I would be on the gas rotating my car through the turn much earlier while you will be trail braking and the speed at the exit will be 3-4mph slower compare to mine.

Regarding your brakes overheating issue, I would suggest to put R888 a side and use a street tire ... That itself will help you to solve the heating issue ... Tires like R888 have a much better grip and brakes have to work much much harder. You don't see race cars running slicks and some sort of stock brakes ... They all have BBK because all those components works together. If you decide to keep running R888 sooner or later you will run out of option on how to make your stock brakes perform better.

Consider running at least RBF600 or 660 fluid and maybe Endless pads. Last time I was there with Orange car I had it all completely stock (tires, pads, fluid, suspension, etc.) and was running high 1:47. Next Monday I am planing on putting on Endless / RBF600 and see if i can improve that time.

You should also consider data logging your runs so you can see which areas you need to work on ... It's a great tool that will make you faster is you know where to correct mistakes. SOLO DL will be a great unit to use and learn how you do at the track.

PM me if you want to get some more info.