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M4? Maybe... I'm sure it's going to look badass, but will the ///M division be allowed to make a special car? It appears the Accounting and Marketing departments may be gaining a little to much sway in Munich. Sure, the new M4 will sell really well, but will the new voices at BMW rest too much on ///M divisions reputation? If they slap an ///M badge on a less then stellar vehicle, they will eventually end up losing customers.

Yes, gas prices are getting higher and turbo provides cheap power, but where is the innovation in the M4's engine? ///M has long been known for special engines and yes, the engine in the M4 is a fine piece of engineering, but it is no longer cutting edge engineering. AMG is keeping the V8, Ford's V8 Coyote is special and gets excellent millage. BMW seems to be going backwards. Who buys an M to sip on gas? Apparently the customers BMW marketing is targeting. [-JetFalcons Dad!] The gas sippers can have their regular 3 and 4 series. Let ///M Division off the leash.

Anyways, I wasn't planning on ranting...

More excited about the M2 right now (see it's not just a big V8 I'm interested in), and as a class of 2013 owner; I've got plenty of time to let BMW help me decide where and with whom to spend.

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