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Originally Posted by Propagator
What a bunch of clueless responses. The recent AMG products have been excellent. Some say the C63 AMG has an even better steering than the M3, and the E63 AMG recently beat out the M5 in C&D comparo. And all that is even before you get to the Black series.

So there was a news that BMW will introduce an AMG Black series competitor, and now they are snatching up the guy who was in charge of chassis engineering of the said Black series. BMW clearly doesn't agree with those of you in the "AMG SUCKS BECAUSE I DRIVE A BIMMMER" camp.
Couldnt agree more, i dunno what those guys are smoking, but lately AMG products have proven to be more driver oriented than those fat ass M's of late, not to mention black series products and the SLS, which BMW doesnt even have a product to compete with in the first place.

And he will work around M's philosphy for sure, and as an engineer he must be a great one to have worked his way up on AMG, which lets not forget, also supplies engines for some great cars, like pagani.

People saying that AMG cars of late can only go fast in a straight line def lives in a cave or are too biased.

Great addition to BMWs M division, in fact, IMHO couldnt be a better addition.