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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
Good to hear, any experiences on the track with/without the tune you can share?
Sure Tom, there's a marked difference in the straights (time reaching top speed in 3rd or 4th) and power coming out of a turn. The power is simply better distributed throughout the rev range it seems.

When compared to stock, the car pulls stronger up to redline then before ,especially in 4th, where it would get anemic before hitting redline. I can hit 140s in a snap now.

I honestly don't know how much time it shaved off factually, because so many factors contribute to improving your time, but I was coincidently 1-2 seconds faster that day. It could be the tune or just me having a "good day".

Net, love the tune and worth the investment IMO. A must have, especially if you're keeping the car NA and doing only engine / exhaust bolt ons. It just brings everything together nicely.