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>>>Bimmer Retrofit: CIC Navigation Retrofits, Combox, Connected Drive, BMW Apps<<<

Complete CIC retrofit kits – complete kits, excellent quality, superior customer service, excellent technical support

Combox Media retrofits – for Bluetooth audio streaming, Bluetooth, album art display and more…

Connected Drive retrofits (6NR + 6NF) – for BMW Apps and video playback from iPhone

Satellite Radio Activation

Remote coding

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While more and more “sellers” are popping up all over the world and offer cheap hardware for CCC to CIC conversion, Bimmer Retrofit continues to provide complete CIC retrofit packages at competitive prices, without compromising the quality of your retrofit!

We value our customers and we are by your side every step of the way to ensure your conversion to CIC is as smooth and simple as possible!

With our CIC retrofit kits you get:

• One-on-one consultation about the best approach for your retrofit
• One-on-one technical support throughout the installation
• Excellent after sales support
• Unmatched level of expertise in BMW OEM hardware and software
• NO hidden fees
• Complete transparency and professional approach

What is the advantage of CIC (2nd generation iDrive) over CCC (1st generation iDrive)?

• Newly designed controller that is now equipped with seven direct access buttons
• The number of CD/DVD drives in the CIC has been reduced to one optical drive
• The number of pixels have doubled from 640x240 (CCC) to 1280x480. This provides improved visual quality by generating a sharper graphic display
• The navigation system display has been enhanced with the following functions:
o Full screen mode
o Night view
o 3D models in the perspective map view
• Integrated HDD (hard disk drive, 80GB) now allows navigation map data to be saved on the CIC hard disk
• Maps can be displayed much faster due to the increased processing power of the CIC
• The hard disk drive in the CIC makes it possible to compile and store a personalized music collection. An 8GB section of the total 80GB hard disk is dedicated to store music files
• An address database has been included in the "Contacts" menu, which can also be accessed from the Telephone and Navigation menus
• Other add-on retrofits can be added to CIC: rear-view camera, Combox Media, Connected Drive.

Typical CIC retrofit kit includes:

• CIC head unit, updated with the latest software and pre-coded for your VIN (HDD based)
• CID display
• iDrive controller + plastic bezel
• Faceplate
• Activation of navigation, voice control and video in motion (Hardware or FSC code activation)
• Latest maps
• USB connector and cable for the glove box compartment (to upload music into your CIC)
• Remote coding
• Installation instructions

Our PNP activation module for hardware activation has several advantages:

• Much less expensive than FSC code activation
• Developed in Canada by professional and experienced engineers
• Does not compromise quality of your navigation and voice control
• Does not affect speed or responsiveness of the system
• Is weather and vibration resistant


To improve your user experience, we offer OEM Combox Media retrofit for Bluetooth audio streaming, Bluetooth (if not available from factory), iPod/iPhone integration, album art cover display and much more!

Yes! It is possible for you to get Bluetooth, if it was not available from factory!


• Bluetooth (most customers report better sound quality)
• Bluetooth audio streaming
• Album Art covers display (over USB port in the armrest)
• Office menu (for iPhone: Contacts, Messages and Email are currently available, other phones may also have Calendar, Tasks and other features.)
• Navigation map Satellite View
• New version of Voice Control powered by Nuance including One-Shot Destination Entry feature

Typical Combox Media retrofit kit includes:

• All required hardware
• PNP cables for plug and play installation
• Professional remote coding

Optional items:

• USB K+DCAN cable or ENET cable for remote coding
• 6FL (USB/AUX in the armrest)

When you do Combox Media retrofit you will see OFFICE in Main Menu

Now in the OFFICE menu you can see that you recieved new messages

Here is how messages from Email, WhatsApp, etc. appear

Now you can read your text messages right from the display

Check your Email

That's how WhatsApp message will look like

The Combox will let you listen to music from your phone via Bluetooth. Check option Bluetooth Audio in CD/Multimedia menu

Also with Combox you can connect your phone or USB stick in the armrest and find your music under External Devices in CD/Multimedia menu


BMW Connected Drive is an extension of Combox Media and offers access to BMW Apps:

• Web Radio
• Wiki Local
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Calendar
• News
• 3rd party BMW Certified Apps, e.g. Pandora


6NR is activated via OEM FSC code. ICOM A+B+C is no longer required for 6NR activation. You may just rent from us the OBD II Coding Dongle and import the FSC by yourself (takes less than 1 minute)!

Once 6NR Connected Drive is activated you will see Connected Drive in main menu

Now your BMW Apps are available

Let's check Facebook news feed

Read status update

What's new in Twitter

Read new tweets!

Check your appointments in Calendar

Stay up to date on the latest News

Wiki Local is a great option when you reach new destination

Listen to the hundreds of music stations from all over the world with Web radio


Is an add-on to the BMW CONNECTED DRIVE RETROFIT 6NR. Offers the following features:

• BMW Plug-in
• Video playback from iPhone
The retrofit includes:
• All of the required wiring
• Remote coding

If you purchase 6NF here you will see BMW Plug-in and Video

About Bimmer Retrofit
Bimmer Retrofit Inc. is a privately owned company based in Chateauguay, Quebec founded by a small team of BMW enthusiasts, who share a passion for the BMW and its latest technology. Our services include the development and implementation of a variety of OEM retrofits and aftermarket modifications for the BMW, ranging from very simple out-of-the-box solutions to highly customized and advanced retrofits. Our products range from Rear Camera retrofits to Navigation System retrofits including everything in between! Bimmer Retrofit is a reputable player on the market, and over the past few years it had grown to become a global company with dealers on 4 of the 5 continents, and is now recognized as a subject-matter expert in the global market.

Quality Control
Before shipping, each CIC system goes through a set of rigorous tests at our facilities to make sure that each and every one of customers receives a properly functioning system. The systems go through functionality, vibration and 48 hours burn-in tests. Despite the fact that we only use OEM parts for the CIC retrofits, it is important to be sure that the components are fully functional and meet all safety criteria.

Partnership Opportunity
We are growing and we are looking to widen our global reach by expanding our network of authorized resellers and installation locations in North America, Europe and Asia. If you own a garage with solid reputation, you possess knowledge and experience in car stereo and navigation systems installations and you are passionate about BMW and the latest technology, you may have what it takes to become our authorized reseller or installation location. If you are interested in becoming a part of our exciting global network, contact us to learn more.

Contact Information
Email: We do our best to reply within a few hours
Phone: 1.450.844.4655 from 10:00AM to 6:00PM EST
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Bimmer Retrofit Inc.
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NBT and NBT EVO Retrofits, eNBT Retrofit Adapters, Rear-view cameras, Activation modules, BT and Combox Retrofits and more!

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