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Originally Posted by e60cs5 View Post
Update -

Stoptech had agreed to help resolve these issues.

I contacted them earlier this week and because I "waited too long" they won't honor their promise to help. Previously, I wasn't able to get this taken care of as soon as I would like as they wanted me to ship them the brakes and I couldn't be down for a week or so while that happened. Ultimately, all I wanted some some replacement bolts and to take them up on an offer to replace other rusted hardware at 50% off.

FWIW - they were only willing to swap the bolts for free. No assistance resolving the issue other than that. No help providing me some basic info to rebuild them locally, etc

In the end, All I had asked for was for some replacement bolts and some info on rebuilding the brakes, (tech doc etc?) And I would keep the existing pastey, oxidized rotors, calipers. I'd also pay for the powdercoat.

IMO, the finish on certain areas may have been somewhat affected by a chemical in some way, however, I don't believe that that caused all the problems. I've had no finish issues on powdercoated wheels, other parts ,etc All the rotors look like crap - look at the pics!

More importantly, after buying $8,000 brakes, the company or their representative at least has never wanted to help fix this. Always dodging emails, making excuses as to why he didn't reply for weeks... (lost power, blah blah blah)

I wouldn't buy Stoptech brakes again, nor would I recommend them as the best option for brakes that hold up and look good over time.

And FWIW, there were other people that PM'd me with the same issues.

I gave them a chance to resolve this....They wouldn't even ship me replacement bolts and then decided not to honor a 50% discount promised on some other hardware... I Didn't expect one thing other than that. I accepted partial blame as I'm not entirely certain what happened. My car has only been washed a few times where I wasn't washing it and I've never needed to or would apply a harsh chemical. My car is PRISTINE, like new, other than the Stoptechs. I will post some more pics soon.

Not that impressive. I like my brakes, they just look like crap and their marketing guy is a d*&k.

Brembo FTW.
Wow this really sucks. Sorry to hear that they will no longer honor their offer. When they initially extended me the same offer I was hesitant, but I ended up going through with it and had to leave my car in the garage brake less for a few weeks. They replaced all the bolts, but did nothing about the finish. Overall I was upset with how everything was handled, but at least they did something. In the future I will be going with brembo every time.
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