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Originally Posted by platinum swindon
Hi Joe,

As long as the wheels are thick enough to be machined again we are able to refurbish them.

The cost would be £380+VAT (£456inc) for all 4 if you left the car with us during the process which takes 4-5 working days.
We donít offer a warranty with diamond cut alloys.

The only further charges would include any buckles or cracks in the alloys, which we discount to an extra £10+VAT (£12inc) per wheel during a refurbishment.

That quote is to refurbish them with the diamond cut finish back to OEM.
Unfortunately we are unable to tell until you bring them in.

If they are unable to be diamond cut again we have a painted finish that give the illusion of a diamond cut effect with a brighter front face and darker inserts.
We have a sample of either finish in the office if you wish to drop in and have a look.
Originally Posted by lepsons
Hi Joe

Thank you very much for your enquiry. The price to do all 4 wheels for you in a Diamond cut with standard finish paint will cost you £360+vat which up until the 14th Feb will include the storage fee cost. If its after this date you will need to add the storage fee £40+vat to your overall figures.

With Diamond cut finish there are only so many times this can be done before the wheel is too thin and therefore unsafe. When we see the wheels in the flesh without the tyres on them we can confirm this procedure can go ahead. An alternative to this would be to have the wheels painted all over, so lets see.

The process we do here is buy stripping the tyres off first, then the wheels go into the chemical stripping tanks overnight, the chemical we use is very eco friendly and will not effect the the alloy. There wheel is then checked for cracks and bends. The next stage is a shot blasting process which removes any paint that may be left, then into the preparation state to remove any curbing marks, then into the primer stage, then paint, then out into the Diamond cut area, then back into the lacquer stage. There are quality control process all the way through the stages to get the ultimate finish.

The process takes approx 3 days, there is a train station over the road from us, so might be worth checking your route home, alternatively a hire car will cost you £50+vat for the 3 days.
But I had many discussions with other members and apparently they can never get it to be 100% diamond cut OEM finish and they have used lepsons before.