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Originally Posted by ecjohnston View Post
I hate winter... Plowed with a few buddies this morning for 6 hours to get everything done and now making it through the rest of the day without a nap is probably going to be impossible. I haven't found a comfortable way to sleep in my desk chair yet though...
Plowing by hand doesn't seem too bad from afar, but when you're actually doing it you realize how much it sucks. Pretty exhausting actually..
Originally Posted by Angerman View Post
After owning the 1er for 13 months....finally came across my first problem with the car

Muh phuxin misfiring like shiiiiiiiiiteee; service light came on too
Lol i'm surprised you were able to get 13 months before any misfires..Every now and then I try to convince myself that the N54 is reliable, then it misfires and i'm sucked back to reality. Do you have any sense of what's causing the misfires? Usually they're relatively simple to diagnose and fix.
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