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Originally Posted by davesaddiction View Post
Engineers can do all the testing they want in different conditions, but when it comes down to it, they can never hope to replicate the millions of miles and varied conditions that all of the owners of a new model combined will put a car through. It's just a fact that owners of a brand new car are beta testers of sorts. There are always kinks in a new design that only present themselves with thousands of users. I don't hold it against others who decide to get the new hotness, but I'd just prefer to let others find early issues.

I agree that they can't afford quality issues, but this doesn't mean problems can't get past their tests. Just look at the Dreamliner debacle...
While I agree with almost everything you say, I don't think there's necessarily a rule. On one hand, the E46 M3 proved that first model years were complete disasters. Our E9x's on the other hand seem to be just as solid as all the other years (minus options like ZCP and FL taillights).

In terms of this thread? Too early to tell. All we have are some PS and debates about how much power the M3/4 will have. I'm staying put for a while with my E92 M3. In the distant future, I'll add a 997.1 Turbo (6MT) to it and call it a day.
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