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DCT Paddle shifter extension??

Ok... I know this is probably a crazy question to ask here but Im going to give it a shot anyways.

I know the DCT paddles only shift UP on the right side and DOWN on the left side of the steering wheel. But I want to be able to shift UP & Down from the same side. The reason for that is I drive with "hand controls" so my left hand is busy controlling the gas & brake.

The only idea I been able to come up with is maybe getting someone to fabricate an extension of the left paddle (down shifting paddle) to extend all the way across the steering wheel so that it can sit right behind the UP shiting paddle. By doing that I would have my fingers between both paddles on the right side of the steering wheel... and I would be able to UP shift nomally by pulling on the right paddle but I would also be able to DOWN shift by pushing with my fingers on the extension which would create a pulling montion the left paddle.

Has anyone ever done anything like this? or being able to figure out how to UP shit & Down shift from the same side any other way.

Any useful input would be appreciated guys.