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AP Racing

My name is Jim Hodgman, the Brake Divsion Manager for STILLEN. We are the commercial and technical partner for AP Racing's High Performance Road Car Program here in North America.

Please contact me regarding this issue as it could be a number of things that cuase this vibration/noise. I have direct contact with AP engineers and have worked with a few customers in resolving or attempting to resolve NVH issues.

You can contact me at

Originally Posted by yusammyyu View Post
I installed Ap racing brake kit before track day, it works perfectly on the track, but I found noise problem after track.

I totally understand and accept the brake pad will squeal when I slightly brake it under low speed , but now the problem is , after I make complete stop, release brake and start moving, I can feel the front pad still rub the roter make the entire car under high frequency vibration, the vibration feels exactly like the noises when you push a table on a concrete surface.

Usually the vibration will goes away when the speed is over 10 mph (keep wheel straight) , and will come out when I make turns around 25-30 mph after brake(on the ramp to exit freeway or make turns at intersection) .

Any one has experience on this?? is this normal??