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Originally Posted by Alekshop View Post
I think we met you at the NCRC day a few weeks ago and your buddy with AW M3 ... Looks like you guys ran good times !

Braking later into T2 probably would not improve your time as you typically want to got faster out of the turn and not in.

Try running stock tires to see where is the limit and see if you can get same time This is my goal for next Monday!

Thanks. It was actually a pretty fun day--things really felt great. In terms of T2, I'm not sure how much quicker it makes the lap, but I'd like to brake at or after the #3 marker-staying flat out until them. Unlike the CarboTechs XP-12s, the Pagid 19s only seem to work well on the first couple of laps. After that, no matter how hard I mashed the pedal, the car would not slow. It actually helped (read: forced) me to trail brake, which seemed to rotate the car very well. But I had the same problem into T5, T8a, and T11. With better brakes, I could stay on the power longer in all of them.

You do raise a good point, though. And that is, as times drop at these track day events, what do you do next? Do I modify the car, and try to go even faster? Or do I keep the car totally stock and try to match Pobts' 1:42--bascially overcoming the shortcommings of the car?