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Originally Posted by RingMeister01 View Post
The car you were chasing is a GTS model. I have a GT3, its a different animal. Any case, practice practice!
Okay, that makes sense. I guess I'm not a Porsche guy. Although they do make me drive faster when I am chasing them.

My prior session at the track was on MLK day. I seemed to be stuck in a rut--I was able to do a 1:47.9, but could otherwise only manage 48s and 49s. Pretty steady, though.

On this session, a buddy slotted in behind me in a white GT3 (not the one in the vid) in the pits as we were lining up. I was able to keep him behind me for a few laps, but he ended up passing after a few laps. I actually think I drive a little better when I'm chasing. After a few more laps, I passed him, and then started to gap. That's when I did the 1:45.3--a pretty big drop. Everything just seemed to connect. I was hitting all of my marks, getting on the power early, and felt very comfortable in the car. The lap felt great. Sounds weird, but time seemed to slow down.