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Originally Posted by Alekshop View Post
Changing the RFT tires on GTR to a non-RFT will reduce the noise and will make your ride more pleasant.

However, this car was designed and set up the way it is considering the size and the weight or the wheels and tires in order to perform like it does.

Changing the tires will change the performance of the car. GTR is a very mechanical car and makes many different noises.

You just have to be a right person for that car and it's very difficult to compare M3 to GTR as they are totally different cars.

Having both 2013 BE GTR and 2013 M3 I like to drive M3 much better on the street and at the track!
Nice to hear from someone who has both currently and can compare side-by-side. I'm always surprised when the GT-R doesn't simply win hands down as the preferred track car.