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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
It sounds like the 2009 A4 is getting bigger and a few pounds heavier. The real story is the front axle moving forward, which I guess implies the engine doesn't hang over the axle as much. Sounds like the A5 layout. Does anyone know if the 09 A4 and the A5 share the same chassis? What does that mean for the next generation RS4 vs. the E92 M3?
Yes they both ride on Audi's new "Modular Longitudinal Platform", as will all future Audi A* passenger cars.

With the new RS6 rumored to be getting 600hp (some say as much as 620hp) from a turbocharged V10, its a good bet that the next RS4 will use a 500+hp turbocharged V8. That goes for the RS5 too. They are going to be screaming fast cars. Hopefully the inevitable extra weight that comes with them will not be too detremental too their handling.

What I cannot figure out about Audi's RS brand is why they insist on only making one car available at a time. When people try to compare an M Division car to an an Audi S product, the Audi crowd cries foul and points to the RS. And to some degree they have a point. But really, if these cars are only produced for 2 or 3 years at a time, and then must wait for Audi to cycle the RS process through all the rest of their lineup 'til they get an update, is that really a regular production car? Whatever the case, I just don't understand that philosophy. Why not just build the S branded cars to offer RS levels of performance so they have a consistent lineup of cars that can compete with the current offerings in each segment that they participate in? The RS cars could then be used for lighter weight track versions, somewhat like M's CSL.
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