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Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
yea, both 'reem and Rashad looked terrible, its like they both thought they would win the fight by showing up but both Big Foot and lil Nog came to fight. It was crazy watching Herb Dean trying to wrestle Big Foot off 'reem, that dude is a monster but I still see Cain putting a hurting on him again, so dont know WTF is going to happen at HW

Aldo and Edgar was a solid fight, I thought Aldo won the 1st three rounds but Franky got the last two. The 3rd and 5th were close, so I could see the judges going either way

Pretty interesting, Dana White said he got a text from Pettis, that he wants to fight Aldo next at 145 and Dana said he likes the idea, that would be another sick fight
I'm keen to hear Overeem reaction about the fight, he definitely looked past Silva. His entrance was pretty entertaining when he waited at the entrance for the music to build up before walking out fist raised, then later he looked so ordinary in the cage. I would have liked to see him win and take on Cain, that would be a cool fight. Overeem tested clean up until the fight so maybe that had an effect on him. He is a freak of nature and find it hard to believe he's all natural.

Btw, DW said Belfort's test came back positive. Actually really surprised about that.

Originally Posted by san~man View Post
Pettis looks so lean already, can he cut another 10lbs and contend and not gas?
I think so. Cerrone looked way bigger than him on fight day.