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I currently have the same issue that popped up late Sat on my 2008 M3 Coupe with 46390 miles. This will be the fourth time I've had to take car to shop. The last 3 times the problem was Coils, which were under warranty. I'm now out of warranty, and hope when I take the car in on tomorrow that they will see that this has been a issue and not charge me. Been driving BMWs for 20 years and have never had a problem, seems to be different with this M3. The coil issue should not be happening. But as I look at other manufactures that use the "pencil type coils" Audi, VW, Porsche they are having issues as well. Which may be a trend indicating issues with the manufacture of the coils. ???

I can't find any recall on the coil packs for the E90 series. Did find a recall for the older six cylinder M3s, but only in the UK. ?

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This past Tuesday the "Engine Malfunction Reduced Power" light came up on my display, first time ever. Car drove very rough, I immediately parked it, turn if off and 30 seconds later, turn it back on. No problems, no warning lights, everything was perfect. Called my SA, and he told me to bring the car in. The Dealer checked the car, they ran a short vanos test and it came out that the issue could be low oil pressure or faulty vanos solenoids. They checked the oils pressure and it was ok, so it was recommended to change the Exhaust Vanos Sol, they ran a test after, and all systems are ok.

Has anyone had this issue before? Is this repair normal/enough?


P.S. My SA and Dealer (Grayson BMW/Knoxville, TN) are top of the line. Great service, great info, and they've always done right by me, even though I bought the car somewhere else.