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I am a car dealer. I have owned many cars and driven the new C63; along with the Black Series. I also track my cars; grew up in shifter carts. I love MBZ, I just prefer BMW

Originally Posted by gthal View Post
OK... fair enough, I made that response to personal... I apologize. Let me re-state.

I have owned 2 E92 M3s and a 2012 C63 AMG coupe. Tracked all three cars fairly extensively and daily drove all 3 as well. Based on my specific experience with both cars, their driving experience is more similar than it is different. Therefore, your comments that "MB doesn't bring the same driving experience" and that "BMW is the master" do not reflect my personal experience with the two cars. The comment about the MB driving experience is similar to what people who haven't extensively driven a 2012+ MB might say based on what they have read on BMW forums rather than based on actual experience. It might have been true of MB of previous generations but not so much today. I can't comment on your experience specifically but if you had experienced a 2012 C63 coupe, I would be very surprised if you had this same view. You may still prefer the driving experience of the M3 but I would be surprised if your opinion of the MB driving experience wasn't very different.