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Originally Posted by vladinecko
ha ha, you're like my gf. she was reading the news out loud while watching it on tv and still said "this can't be true, this can't be true" i was wondering if i really know her then i don't get what the big deal is, they never seemed like a cute couple to me, more like business partners.

i hope she goes to playboy now, ruins her career and ends up doing porn... and him, ahh, whatever.

OMG NO!! lol they really were cute together. like they complimented each other. they FIT. people sometimes didnt understand her, but he did. he put her into perspective of the things around her. ireally think even though they faught all the time, he needed her, and she needed him. they weer a reallyy cute couple. oh well.

i was reading STAR magazine last night.,,.. jessica lost her bought. they said she had implants. mowahha i wouldnt doubt it.