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Originally Posted by idrift4wd View Post
Whoa, im in no way being "inconsiderate" and im not jumping to conclusion on my statement what so ever.

this is a bmw forum, there are many of people who hate mercedes. Would i get a c class? no, why because its boring in my opinion. I rather have power then comfortability, which mercedes does offer.

you're a hypocrite if you think the CLA is busy in the front and most certainly is NOT THE TRUTH. The truth is you dont know what you're talking about. please man, the front is simple, yes it looks like its puffing its chest, but it is pure mercedes and is original. grill looks gipsish? are you blind? why would you use that word to describe the grill lol. please man. its the CLA.... a smaller version of their CL/CLS line. They did a fantastic job. The rear end looks way better then the audi a4, F30, and c250/300 in my opinion. BMW is more of a sports car then a mercedes will ever be, comparing the 3 series to a C class, everyone knows the BMW is a much sportier better handling car. mercedes is about elegance and professionalism, which i think they achieved with the CLA. Line going nowhere? have you seen other cars on the road? hyundai? infiniti? smh. would i buy one? sure if they offered a better engine.

you are also illiterate. i said "some people think the 3 series is a girls car". i didnt say I THINK THE 3 SERIES IS A GIRLS CAR. i drive a 3 series if you didnt know.... LOL.

CLA looks much better in my opinion, im sure a general non-bias consensus would say the same.

please... jump to conclusion my ass. you need to read better bro. ABC & 123.
Dear Literate,

It is not necessary to bring in here your attitude.
The fact that this is a BMW forum does not means that everybody in here hates Mercedes. this is a thread with a new car, people are entitled to post their opinion without being punished for their perception. Please read the posts again, where do you see that hate?
Why are you hiding behind a such poor and childish statement?

My dad drives in Europe a Mercedes and he was a Mercedes guy all the time, I owned a Mercedes in the past, what makes you think people hate Mercedes?

You are calling me a hypocrite? For what? Since you are a such literate, please check the dictionary before using words just to impress.

The front looks busy. That "is NOT THE TRUTH"? And who are you to tell me which is the truth? If you can not accept other peoples opinion don't read, but don't impose on others your attitude.
Originally Posted by idrift4wd View Post
"The truth is you dont know what you're talking about."
Please, resume your reply to the subject, you are just making a fool of yourself. I presume that as educated as you are, you know at least few basic principles that represent the foundation of a decent dialog.

Yes, it is my opinion, the grill looks busy, so is the rest of the front.
I do agree with one statement in this thread, Mercedes is diluting the star.
Look at the old front grille that was unique and simple, yet effective as a Mercedes statement (see attachments). Today, every grille is different from a model to another.

Do you like the car? Good for you dear colleague, buy one, but do not come in here and criticize me or others for a simple opinion. I didn't like the fact that you just jump to the conclusion that people hate Mercedes, it was just a simple way of offending others for the fact that the do have a different taste. Like they are dumb because they can't see the beauty you are seeing. You even called me blind. And if you call yourself educated, why are you calling me blind? Do you know me? Are we friends? We had dinner together? All you know is to insult others? This is your level? Seriously? And you are playing the literate role in here?

Many users in here do not hate the car, they just don't like it. Period! Why you can't accept it?

Not the last, please read my post again, I did not say that you think the 3 series is a girls car. I said "So, who are these "people" who are saying that?"

Illiterate? Please, if you are so literate, read your text, check your grammar and your punctuation, eventually check the dictionary from time to time; the words that you are using might not fit properly in your sentence.

Originally Posted by idrift4wd View Post
"Im sure a general non-bias consensus would say the same."
And you are calling me illiterate?

I do admit that sometimes I make mistakes regardless I am trying to avoid them. From what I know this is a car forum, I didn't know I must check every word I am writing.
English is my fifth language and I never went to one class of English in my life. I do hope however, that you speak and write in a second language as "illiterate" as I speak and write in my fifth one...
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