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Originally Posted by luiscarlos59 View Post

I remember last week that I checked the Info Service menu at my car and found that I had no near future services to do until December'13; everything was on green checks. Friday and Saturday I decided to drive my car "hard", not the way I use to normally drive.

Then suddenly yesterday the service red light appeared on my dash and it stated that Oil Change Overdue with a red triangle. I always thought that before getting a red light you get a yellow light first to warn you.

My question is, the oil change due date is calculated on time or is it variable and gets calculated based on the way you drive the car?

And also, the oil change includes replacing any filters? or just the pure drain/pour of new oil.

Btw, my oil level is stated a "too high".

Thats strange. After hard driving, your service estimated miles may go down but I never heard about anyone getting an overdue light. According to my tech, the service interval shortens from calculations based on fuel consumption. So technically, the way you drive effects the oil service interval. In regards to time, if your car didn't have an oil change for a year (I think its two years now), and you didn't reach the oil service mileage then you needed an oil change. I think that light may be due to the high oil level. Get that checked ASAP. Too much oil is not good for your engine. Might also be a bad oil sensor which is crucial to have fixed since we don't have a dipstick for our engines.

Oil changes include new oil (TWS 10W-60), a new oil filter, new washers for the drain plugs and a new O-ring for the oil filter cap.

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