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Originally Posted by S65NAPWR View Post

While I'm sure not the best color depth and shine, I went with something easy to use and proven over many years it seems (Klasse All-In-One), wax and sealant. Supposed to be great for 6 months and easy to apply. Have you heard of this product and do you have any thoughts?

Also with a brand new car, do you think it's already been sealed? or is it all cheap wax?
Can't go wrong with Klasse. It works very well. However, every good detailer tells me, "find a product you like and use it often." Although Klasse may last for 6 months, I would recommend you seal every 2-3 months. You can even put a coat of wax on top of the sealant to bring more depth in your paint.

Originally Posted by JJunkins View Post
I'm using the Adam's Detail Spray that I spray on the car after washing but while its still wet. Use the Uber Super Drying Towel for the drying process. The spray is awesome for preventing water spots, smells great, and helps prep for your wax/sealant process. And the towel is amazing! I can dry my entire car with one towel and love it. Reach out to Phil at for the stuff and use coupon code BMW for 10% off.
I do the exact same thing! The detail spray definitely helps keep the paint safe during drying.

and DD sells a bunch of great products with plenty of threads on this board to show how well they work.