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Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster
Originally Posted by bimmerjph View Post
They did with the E36 M3 Lightweight. It was a massive failure from what I have read. But that was years ago. And I don't think BMW knew exactly how to market them. BMW's problem is that they think these types of cars, but they don't.

Correct. namely, by putting the correct MOTOR in it. Same as they did with the 318ti. No 325ti... no M3ti.. They were too afraid of " cannibalizing sales of the M3.

then with the E46 they didnt bring over a 4 door because they were afraid that it would take away M5 sales... somehow not realizing that a person looking at a $45,000 car and a $70,000 car really arent the same buyer.
Wait there was an e46 m3 sedan in the eu?