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Originally Posted by AlpineE92M3 View Post
Yeah I've been tracking it on with my production number. It's pretty cool that you can track the cargo ship. They told me end of February which would be 6-8 weeks start to finish. I'm getting a little skeptical at this point since it just went into production a few days ago.
Website is always delayed. 800 number is better, but slightly delayed in status. The SA has the most up-to-date daily status from start to finish. Here was my schedule start to finish: 6 weeks pretty much on the dot.

Total Time = 6 ish weeks (East Coast)

-Order In - 0 day
-Production # Given - 2 day
-Production Finish - 6 days
-Arrival, Port of Exit - 1 day
-Departure, Port of Exit - 16 days (this is wait can be varied and agonizing - there were cars finished after mine that left before mine did!)
-Arrival, US (East Coast) Port of Arrival - 14 days (longer than average, could be shorter)
-VPC Accept, Process, Release - 2 days
-VPC Delivery to Dealership Complete - 2 days
-Delivery / Pick Up Notification - 2 days

Plan and purchase mods while you wait so you're not bored.