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Originally Posted by UCBPhD View Post
A quick story: I am an early riser. So, one morning I get up, go outside, and maybe 8-10 cars on my block all have the windows smashed out of them.

And, actually, this happens about once a year. Different times of year, different modes of violation, and different victims.

I really think you underestimate the propensity of people to be jerks for no discernable reason whatsoever . . .
Yeah, I know...I guess I was just hoping that there WAS a reason for all these incidents. Woulda made me feel better.

My wife has been driving a Range Rover Sport for about a year now, and I'm pretty sure somebody bashed her door with theirs one time on purpose, in a parking lot. I just don't get the concept that somebody feels like it's alright to damage somebody else's stuff just because.