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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD
okay thats not that big of a deal then if im thinking about this right. stock 219 fronts are 18x8.5 et29 and rears are 18x9.5 et29. so putting the fronts on the rear will suck the face in half of the 1 inch difference or 12.7mm so a 12mm spacer on the rear will make it look like a regular rear as far as stance. the problem is you limit the amount of tire you can put on the rear. I track a lot and would want more not less particullary in the front. most people arent downsizing their rears except for maybe a square winter set up.
Thanks 1more! This is for a winter square setup. I have blizzaks 235/40/18. I still have the following questions:

1) Will it work without a spacer on the rear?

2) if I don't put a spacer on the rear will it affect camber/alignment?

3) so would it be a 12mm or a 20mm spacer I would need on the rear to being it back to OEM stance?

4) if I bring it back to OEM stance with the use of a spacer, will there be any alignment/camber issues?

5) what are the risks of using spacers?

Ugh. I'm frustrated I didn't know this before I purchased.