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I have had the Evolve software for a long time and have been happy with it but I finally decided it was time to do an X-pipe to see what everyone is always talking about. I figured it would be a little louder and a little bit faster. I installed the X-pipe (with high-flow cats) last weekend and the software update for it a few days later....


I have read it many times here about how great the X-pipe modification is but I never expected this. It feels like a different car and as many people here have said before this is the way the M3 should come from the factory. I always thought the car was fast-ish but never much faster than my modified E46M3 that this car replaced. It isn't like that anymore - it is now fast - like hold on fast. I know it is not supercharger and supercar fast but it is absolutely the way to go for someone who wants to stay normally aspirated.

It is paired with a UUC/Corsa cat-back and I thought it sounded good before but now it sounds GREAT! In the Lincoln Tunnel with the DCT it sounds like an F1 car at Monaco. It is VERY loud outside the car but great inside the car. During normal cruising there isn't much difference from just the cat-back until you start accelerating when it starts to scream. There is no drone at all at any RPM or speed.

Anyone in the NYC area that wants to hear/feel the difference let me know. I have showed some car people at work and they all say it sounds great.

If you are on the fence and have been thinking about an X-pipe for a while I really don't think you will be disappointed.

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