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Crazy fights. Reem came out as if he had already won the fight and was way too cocky, should have shown more respect. I wasn't expecting that at all but I thought Reem looked very average throughout the fight. Also didn't seem to look as juiced, but still a big guy. Evans fight was ratshit, I didn't enjoy that at all. I think for Evans losing that fight will be a good thing, he seems to fight to win on points which makes for a boring fight. I picked all of his take downs a few seconds before he went for them too. He seems to spend a majority of each round moving around and then doing just enough by scoring a few points. Hopefully this changes his mindset to finishing his opponent. Aldo v Edgar was awesome. Not sure what the judges saw but I definitely had Aldo winning the first 2 and Edgar winning the last 2. Not sure about the 3rd but would most likely give it to Aldo. Oh and the Maia fight was awesome, very technical. Think 170 is his new home.
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