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I got pulled over the day that I bought my M headed home in Knoxville. Pulled out of the middle lane with the cruise control on, going with the flow of traffic. Camry on my left and a semi on my right in fairly heavy traffic. The cop walks up and says "first off I want to say that this is one beautiful machine!" Followed by a few other comments and compliments about everything from the car to living in Colorado. 15 minutes later I was signing a ticket. He was about as nice as an asshole can be haha. He "did me a favor by only citing me for 9 over". I guess a semi going the same speed as an M3 on the highway must be safe and the M3 isn't. Or, it's because I had the shiny blue car... First ticket in years, so I can't be too mad. Especially for all the times I've tested a lack of speed limiter on my 135 in the middle of no where with no one around. I'm glad I've never been caught in the act of that...