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Originally Posted by xbook
Originally Posted by bolinp78 View Post
bksbimmer has no interest in the government's power being limited
Yup, gotta keep our gunz so we can all defend ourselves from the evil phederil gubermint.
Every post of yours I've seen today is idiotic. You add no value to any argument you just criticize and ridicule without intelligence. How about going to school again and learning that tyrannical governments have been very common throughout the world. The USA has the constitution to try and minimize that ever happening. It increases law abiding citizens legal ability to be free in many ways including how to defend ones self, family, or country. If I want to own an AR that is semi auto (laws already in place to limit automatic and military weapons) I should be able to do that, how I use it for fun, competition or protection is irrelevant, as long as I checked out as not crazy or criminal.