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Of course, Canada is too prim and proper for Stern.
We had him in Montreal for awhile about 5 years ago, but the station dropped him.

"Howard Stern Too Filthy for Canada

Despite his claims of being the 'King of All Media, it appears Howard Stern will not reign in Canada.
When the foul-mouthed shock jock begins broadcasting on Sirius Satellite Radio in January, the radio signals will not connect with listeners in the Great White North.
Apparently, Stern is too filthy for Canada, home of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.
According to the Toronto Sun newspaper, Canada - unlike the United States - requires satellite radio providers to be licensed by the Canadian equivalent of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

One Canadian radio CEO told the Sun that Stern would not be worth the gamble or the controversy.
'The CRTC, who we are licensed to, would eventually force us to take Stern down, because we have standards we have to abide by in this country when you own a broadcasting license,' said Gary Slaight, the CEO of Standard Broadcasting, which co-owns Sirius Canada along with the CBC.

Stern, lured by a $500 million deal with Sirius, is leaving traditional radio in favor of the sovereignty of satellite because of FCC regulations that supposedly guard against broadcast indecency. Stern finds the FCC and America, for that matter too puritanical for his tastes.
Wonder what he'll think of Canada. "