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Originally Posted by M3Carbon View Post
....pray to God I never find you ...
Sorry to see this happen (I assume the roof is CF unless you ordered otherwise), if CF it will be expensive since you properly need to have the roof replaced and that will be a lengthily repair as well. Hope your insurance will cover it.

Good Luck

PS. Don't pay attention to negative comments, Members here are mostly fine individuals.

Originally Posted by blitzboy76 View Post

So I'm asking--just asking--if you might have possibly given an idiot a reason to be an idiot. And I am in no way assuming that you did. Just trying to figure this out. Good luck man.
You are properly right that someone did this for a reason ... our daughter is driving my very first ever Bimmer it is a e28 1987 535is ... some time ago in downtown Toronto Canada (she had o street park the car) someone keyed the car all around, I mean everywhere, it required a complete re-paint.

We figured someone was upset that he may have had to park 2 or 3 blocks away from his apartment entrance. People feel that since they have to purchase a permit for street parking from the city that they have a right to park in a certain spot near the apartment block.

We did not think someone did it out of anger since she is a very careful driver, also it happen in a good and well lighted neighbourhood.

Then our assumption may have been wrong, anyway it does happen and it is indeed something one can get excited about.
Cheers, Rolf-Dieter

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