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Originally Posted by SUBFRAMERIPPER View Post
In about 2 months you will be surprised. Several times a week someone will cut me off at highway speeds, tailgate or do some other dickhead maneuver.
Just a couple of days ago it was a "Honda" that was hell bent on passing me on the highway. So I let him. We get off at the same exit and the dumbass gets in the wrong turn lane. Light turns green and he cuts me off with no turn signal. I try to chalk it up as people just not paying attention. However, this car attracts alot of attention. So you tell me.

Good luck with those repairs OP.
True, the M can be quite the ricer magnet. I can't count the times I've been EVO'd, STI'd, GTI'd, etc. on public roads. I just let these asshats by and occasionally see them pulled over by 5-O a few miles ahead