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Thanks to Baan Velgen and MRF Engineering!


Malek did an amazing job installing and aligning the KW CS. The front is about a one skinny finger gap and the rear is tire is tucked about a centimeter.

These feel like the Eibachs, maybe a tad bit stiffer. I'm not sure what setting Malek put the bound and rebound to, but I just told him to work his magic and It will be primarily a street car.

I was hesitant to buy this suspension because of some of the threads I have read about it being stiff and for track only. People have told me to go JRZ, TCK or MCS if i want a streetable comfort level.

I have to say, these are awesome. They absorb fast bumps just as well as stock and over slow/large bumps its feels like its on rails. It follows the bump smoothly. Whereas the stock and eibach set up would be floaty.

From what I hear about the JRZ's, these feel the same. Or atleast I would have the same description.

I thought the KW CS would be heavier since they are inox stainless steel. They box they came in said they weighed ~ 45lbs from USPS.

Malek packed my Eibach and OEM struts in to a KW CS box for me to use if I ever need a back up. After lifting these out of the trunk, I noticed that they were much heavier than the KW CS setup. They feel about 10lbs heavier than the KW CS. I think the major weight savings is in the coils. From what I have heard, Eibachs are Hi Ten steel (very heavy) and KW CS are light Alloy.


I have only put ~ 100 miles on them so far but it feels super flat now. Braking feels better - less rear to front weight transfer. These feel really stiff when you need them yet supple when you are cruising. In fact, when I drive into my driveway, it feels so stiff that one wheel seems to lift off the ground when i enter the ramp sideways.
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