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Originally Posted by blitzboy76 View Post
Will you guys please answer for me one thing? And I don't mean for this to be inflammatory at all, so please don't take it that way, I mean no offense whatsoever, and I am truly sorry that these things have happened to guys like you, but...are you guys a-holes out on the roads? I mean, be honest here. Nobody on here (probably) knows you, and further, nobody will (probably) care. But, I'm just trying to figure out why people do this. I mean I get that there is meanness out there, and some acts are just totally random, but there are just SOOOOO many of these incidents like this, popping up on this board, I just have to wonder.

Did you cut that guy in the Honda off, and could (s)he have possibly followed you to where you parked, and done what they did? The thing is, I'm about 2 months out now from taking delivery of my very own M3, and I'm just hoping that it's not open season on them out there because some idiot just decides that, since his car is crappy, yours should be too.

So I'm asking--just asking--if you might have possibly given an idiot a reason to be an idiot. And I am in no way assuming that you did. Just trying to figure this out. Good luck man.
In about 2 months you will be surprised. Several times a week someone will cut me off at highway speeds, tailgate or do some other dickhead maneuver.
Just a couple of days ago it was a "Honda" that was hell bent on passing me on the highway. So I let him. We get off at the same exit and the dumbass gets in the wrong turn lane. Light turns green and he cuts me off with no turn signal. I try to chalk it up as people just not paying attention. However, this car attracts alot of attention. So you tell me.

Good luck with those repairs OP.

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