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Any pointers on trimming a shift boot and splicing wires?

hey guys,

So I'm going to try to fit the F30 M Performance knob onto the E90 M3. I think I've figured out that I need to modify the F30 boot to fit on the the E90 boot frame.

So 2 things I need to do, that I need pointers, if anyone can help me out:

1. Any suggestions on making the cleanest cut on the F30 boot to seperate it from the F30 boot ring?

2. Any suggestions on gluing or attaching it to the E90 boot ring? I'm thinking just super glue. I'm also thinking about folding over itself to mask any glue marks to make it look clean, similar to what the pic looks like where the boot folds over the ring.

3. Any suggestions on how to properly splice and reconnect the wires? I'm assuming the plugs don't fit with a F30 knob. How do I know which wire goes to which?

here's an example of a ZHP install:

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