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update today, this is really unbelievable!!

they say the car is perfect and ready to go to be picked up, i go to day and i get their sign what i have to sign and i make sure im their when they first start the car up to make sure the idle is good, nope idle is still funky and then smooth out

walk around the car and its filthy!!! looks like the car was sitting under a tree for a year thats how dirty it was

their was oil on my trunk, yes fucking oil drips on my dam trunk and oil finger prints all over the car, it gets better

open the door and theirs oil finger prints all over the inside of the car to!!!

im the most anal person when it comes to my cars and this had me fuming

told the manager and even he couldnt believe it, they said they are going to do a full detail and look at the idle problem again

on paper it says they replaced 2 actuators and a coil pack for the hesitation and idle problem.
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Some people buy cars to look at them and call them their babies, but not me. This car is my bitch and I bought it to drive it.