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Looking for emissions legal throaty sound

I've searched these forums and others and I've had a hard time finding a definitive answer. I came to the M3 from mustangs, which I've owned and driven for 20 years. I love the sound of an American V8 and want something like that from the M3.

I definitely don't like the raspy sound that I hear on Italian cars and it seems that a lot of the aftermarket systems mimic that.

Emissions testing here is done annually so it looks like I'm limited to a slip on system. As far as going for a throaty, non-raspy sound I've watched a lot of videos but obviously it's difficult to appreciate what they sound like on my laptop. Gintani seems to be the closest.

So am I really limited to a Gintani slip on or cat-back system? Are there full exhausts that are emissions legal? This car is a DD/garage queen but will see track time occasionally (maybe 1-2x per year).