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Can't compare to OEM mod, but compared to OEM, the tone is definitely lower and it has a real nice bassy sound. Outside the car, it does sound really nice.

I honestly could barely hear the exhaust on OEM while driving. With the Akra, it's definitely louder and you can hear the blips on heel/toe much better. However as I stated, it's still pretty muted in the cabin. Sounds similar to stock 911.

I took the wife for a drive and she didn't even notice I put on a new exhaust! The first time I took her for a drive in the Ferrari, she looked over and said, "You know, this noise level is highly illegal."

Ideally, I was looking for something in between an Akrapovic and a Ferrari. Loud, but not crazy loud. Oh well, changing the exhaust is not an option at this point given the money for parts/labor, so I think I'll just see how it goes over the next 6 months. If I'm still wanting more sound, I think I'll go full Evolution and tune.