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Originally Posted by 993 View Post
So how much would just these components included here be if purchased new and also what would still need to be purchased (and for how much) to make the system the complete Evo setup? (sorry if that' s NOOB Q).
Roughly $3k plus. A whole AKRA EVO set up will run you high $5k's, close to $6k. You'll also need the AKRA will kill any CEL lights that the exhaust may trip, the O2 sensors will notice a difference and trip the light. I have the full EVO, could feel the difference immediately in just the pick up alone. Not an incredibly loud exhaust, not alot of drone at higher rpm either (which is nice in my sedan with the kids in the back), but the low end (especially during a cold start) will rattle the garage door. I meant to add that I think you'd pay less if you just bought the EVO straight up, instead of piecing it together.
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