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Originally Posted by Endless619 View Post
I like R8s with work done to them. I was in the same boat in 2010 but opted for an new X5 and M3. The R8 needs too much work for me to be satisfied. Needs a full kit and wheels. Thats $20k. Its just to plain jane all stock.

Congrats if its your dream car.

I love the M3 modded, but have yet to see an r8 that has been tastefully modded in person. The modded r8s i have seen in pics have been overkill. Its such a rare car that its not a must to mod because you dont see them everyday as with other cars, and it doesnt look like anything else. Same with the GTR, gt3, etc. i do agree however that a supercharger would add some fun

Originally Posted by FormulaMMM View Post
Awesome.. looks clean. Sounds like maybe a sight unseen deal so I hope everything works out. I was just in Miami last week too -- could have checked it out. Good luck enduring your wait!

I'm trying to remember if the V8 has stock exhaust valves like the V10. If so, you could open those up yourself for some more noise. Your fiance can't possibly hit you up for the $1k on that!

Enjoy it man. Look forward to the comparison.
Dang wish I would have known!

The reason for the $1k agreement with her is less about making her happy and more about keeping myself from doing anything to it. With the M, modding was like an addiction without an AA meeting to go to. The forum and meets were like the opposite of AA for the mod bug we'll see what happens..