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Originally Posted by DocJohn View Post
here is a funny story that is sure to get a smirk or two:

3 Years ago, I took the M-school and had some good fun. They have the instructors sit with you at lunch to talk about this and that. All great PR for BMW. Lots of talk of how much weight was saved on the M6 with the CF roof.

So, I asked on of the lead guys why they had 3 brand new Z06 Vettes out in the back lot. I wanted to know if they benchmarked the BMW with the Vettes...

His answer got me laughing.

He said (in a low, hushed tone), "No, those are the instructor's personal cars."

LOL! Within a few minutes, I had the table talking Vettes instead of M5/M6s!

Not saying anything is better/worse....but still a "telling" story.
Well, the reality is that a Z06 is a much better track car than any M. It doesn't surprise me that driving instructors would pick that car. It would take a lot of work to get an M3, M5, M6 up to the same level as a Z06 for track duties. Weight being the biggest issue... then brakes... then suspension...

The beauty of the M cars is the dual purpose nature. A Corvette Z06 is undeniably the better performance car but no back seat, no trunk, limited daily practicality makes it less than an ideal DD. For a weekend toy and frequent track duty, the Z06 is hard to beat dollar for dollar. If you want to drive a car to and form the office with the occasional track weekend, that is where the M3 is great.

I like to see that the BMW instructors were true enthusiasts who pick their personal cars based on what they prefer for their needs and not based on brand.
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