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Originally Posted by Giggs View Post
Nice enjoy! I freakin LOVE the sound of the Akra!!

I picked up a 2009 v8 r/tronic. Its enroute from Florida and should be here in about 10 days. the challenge was finding a white one and keeping it within my price range after CA bends me over for their share..

Fiance agreed to let me buy it under one condition.. no mods. We agreed that if I make even one tiny mod I owe her $1,000

I like R8s with work done to them. I was in the same boat in 2010 but opted for an new X5 and M3. The R8 needs too much work for me to be satisfied. Needs a full kit and wheels. Thats $20k. Its just to plain jane all stock.

Congrats if its your dream car.